Q?What is the business hrs and business days in china?
A.The business established including markets opens at 9am and closes around 6pm.All business established work 7days in a week. Except banks and Chinese government offices which are closed on Sundays.
Q?How will we get the translators/ interpreters?
A.Our company provides translators from Hindi, Punjabi and English to Chinese free of cost. However one may get translators from English to Chinese at a nominal cost ranges from Rs.700 to Rs.1000 per day.
Q?What would be the total expenditure for a tour of china?
A.The air ticket and visa charges are approximately Rs.30000 to 35000 depending upon choice of air lines and also the destination (place) in china and Rs.10000 to 15000 for loading and boarding and local traveling.
Q?How is law and order position of the country?
A.China is comparatively very peaceful and law and order position is normal. The people are safe and there are very less crimes.
Q?What is the general price index of different services like loading and boarding, traveling and local conveyance etc?
A.The general price index for loading and boarding is much cheaper then India and traveling and local conveyance charges are equivalent to India.
Q?How can go to china? Plz tell about the flights and flying time etc?
A.For traveling to china one needs an entry visa which can be readily procured from Chinese embassy. Generally an invitation letter from any in getting the visa at a very nominal cost. The main airlines in route china are airindia, cathay, chinaeastern, Malaysia airlines, Thai airways and srilankan airways. The flying time is 5-6 hrs depending in china.
Q?What is the currency Chinese and what is its value in Indian Rupees?
A.The Chinese currency is called RMB or YUAN.Its value in Indian rupees varies accordingly with the value of US dollar and its present value ranges from Rs.5.50 to Rs.6.
Q?What is the condition of weather and climate in China?
A.China is a very big country and has a varied climatic conditions spread over different regions of china. However the weather of big trade cities near Hongkong, Shanghai, Beijing, and Yunan, has the similar weather as we have in the northern art of India.
Q?It is true that Chinese people don’t understand any other language then Chinese? Then how could one communicate?
A.No Chinese people understand a bit of English and the English speaking population in increasing in China at a very rapid pace.
Q?Is it true that there is nothing to eat for Indian especially for vegetarians?
A.It is not totally correct, in big trade cities like Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Yunan, etc there are Indian restaurants and in smaller cities it is manageable.
Q?Why it is heard that Chinese businessman cheat people by sending inferior goods then what they show in their sample?
A.It is incorrect they are as good as Indian traders and every trader has a concern for its reputation.
Q?How are the Chinese people? We have heard that they are totally different from our culture and have hatred towards Indians?
A.Chinese people are very well behaved and provide best of hospitality to all foreigners however their culture is different from our culture due to differences in ancient Indian and Chinese civilizations. They are very lovable people and have no hatred toward us. This premonition is only a result of our prejudices.
Q?Why it is said that Chinese goods are inferior in quality and has little durability?
A.It is not true that all the Chinese goods are inferior or less durable. It is the Indian importers who purchase the cheapest and the most inferior goods whereas China commands international business and exports goods to all the major global markets of the world including U.S.A. and Europe. The foreign markets follow the most strict quality control measures and would not allow inferior quality import products from China.
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